Well Hydrofracturing Services

Do you have a well that is not producing enough water? Brewster Well Drilling can help clear and improve your existing well with hydrofracturing. Canada's Atlantic region relies on our services to revive artesian wells. To increase the flow of water inside of a well, we need to widen and clear-out existing veins that flow into the well. When these close up, your available water supply can decrease drastically. During the hydrofracturing process, we can also open up new veins into your well so it is constantly filled throughout the year.

When it comes to increasing the yield from your existing well, hydrofracturing is a relatively new option, but it is now more effective and safer than older techniques. We use modern technology and equipment to diagnose and resolve your well problems quickly and affordably. Our team uses high-powered fracturing equipment to pump clean, disinfected water into the well and push out any obstructions. This simple process will ensure that you always have fresh and consistent water, and typically achieves a higher water yield without needing to move water sources.

Many of our clients think that if their well is not producing enough water, they need to drill a new one. Many wells can be salvaged and you can avoid the cost of a new well with hyrdrofracturing. After every completed job, our team of technicians will test the water to see how much of an improvement took place to make sure that you are getting a suitable water supply.

If you are noticing problems with your well water, then contact the professionals. We have offices in Halifax, Nova Scotia and St. John's, Newfoundland. Our experienced team of technicians provide efficient and speedy service. Talk with us today to avoid drilling a new well with our affordable hydrofracturing options.