Geothermal-How It Works?

  • First, a system of subterranean pipes is installed.
  • This closed circuit is linked to a thermal pump that circulates liquid through the pipes, absorbing heat from the liquid before returning it to the ground.
  • The thermal pump extracts, concentrates and lifts this heat before spreading it through the building.
  • By reversing the system, the thermal pump can also extract heat from interior air to direct it into the ground, creating an air-conditioning system for the summer.
  • The thermal pump can heat the air that travels through existing ducts in your house, or reheat the water in a radiant heater system.
  • Geothermal systems are perfect for thermal pumps, because they allow the pump to work with a constant heat source throught the entire year.

A refrigerator is a great example of how a thermal pump works: the refrigerator's thermal pump lowers the heat of the food in the fridge. The heat drawn from the food is released directly into your kitchen by the coils on the back of the refrigerator.