Professional Piling Contractors: What They Do

Piling contractors in Canada provide an invaluable service to public and private builders in many different capacities. Whether it is a deep foundation application, shoring or rock stabilization Brewster Well Drilling uses highly skilled personnel, innovative techniques and top of the line equipment to ensure the job is done right.

Once a site is selected and geotechnical investigations are complete Brewster Drilling and Piling a division of Brewster Well Drilling can use their experience to assist with the design and implementation of cost effective systems to support buildings, structures and other infrastructure as well as secure unstable rock slopes even to brace vertical excavations in soil and rock.

Why is Piling So Important?

In some cases the ground conditions on a construction site are not capable of supporting the compressive or tensile forces of the loads being applied through traditional spread foundations. In other cases excavation of unsuitable material to reach competent bearing surfaces is not cost effective. In these cases deep foundations are used to support the compressive loads of the structure. Loads are transferred through pile caps or grade beams to the pile system below to support the structure.

When high tensile forces are developed by wind or hydraulic uplift rock anchors can be installed and even post-tensioned if required to resist those forces and keep the structure stable.

When deep excavations are required in fractured rock or unconsolidated soil different options are available to temporarily or permanently support those excavations such as rock anchors and mesh or soldier pile and lagging systems just to name a few.

Piling contractors in Canada such as Brewster Well Drilling are capable of working with design engineers, developers and contractors to design cost effective, safe systems to deal with any of these scenarios and more.

Skilled, Trusted Piling Contractors in Canada

Brewster Well Drilling is a trusted piling contractor in Canada. Infrastructure is a large investment and the foundation is the most important part. By placing your trust in Brewster Well Drilling you can rest assured our team of skilled personnel will work diligently to ensure the success and long life of your project.

If you have any more questions about piling and the work of piling contractors in Canada, we welcome you to get in touch with Brewster Well Drilling today.

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