Geothermal Well Drilling – A Logical Choice

Did you know you can save significantly on monthly heating costs when you generate heat through geothermal wells ? Choosing a geothermal heating system is a wise economical decision. Almost two-thirds of the energy needed to heat our buildings can be drawn directly from the earth, saving up to 70% of heating costs. The long life of these installations means that geothermal heating systems can be very savvy investments.

Geothermal heating systems are very stable and easy to control, given their constant source of uninterrupted heat. Consumers appreciate that they can avoid temperature fluctuations that are both unpleasant and difficult to stabilize when they use geothermal wells to heat their buildings.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Even in the warm summer months, you can enjoy consistent temperatures in your home, thanks to the way geothermal systems cool as well as heat. If you've ever visited an underground cave, you've probably noticed that the cave temperature remains a steady average of the annual surface temperature in the area, no matter what the weather is doing at any given point aboveground. Visit the cave in the summertime and you'll enjoy the refreshingly cool air stored by the earth. Likewise, moving downward in the winter will provide instant relief from harsh aboveground temperatures. This is the advantage of geothermal temperature control.

Another advantage? The necessary equipment requires much less maintenance.

Who knows what's going to happen to energy costs in the coming years?

Take advantage of energy you already own.

  • Be more self-sufficient and independent. Enjoy price stability.
  • A geothermal system is less vulnerable to shifts in the price of electrical and combustible fuels.
  • Reduce your heating costs by 65%-70% compared to electric heating, and 35%-70% compared to combustible heating (heating oil, propane, natural gas).
  • Stay cool! This system can also cool your house in the summer.

Choose the ecological solution.

  • The geothermal system produces no greenhouse gases; it reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2.5 to 5 tonnes per house per year.
  • Tiresome maintenance, fuel waste, and air/noise pollution are reduced: no chimney, no combustible fuel containers, no noisy machines outside your house.

Why Brewster Well Drilling?

The Brewster Well Drilling team has many years of experience installing geothermal heating systems and works closely with your heating contractor or our own contractors to provide a turnkey system. Don't leave this critical project to a less experienced team; call the experts who will get the job done right the first time!